Rackmount Audio Mixer ZM 102

Code: CARAZM102
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  • All 10 inputs Feature Mic, Line and 300Hz High Pass Filtering Selector
  • Inputs 7-10 Feature XLR Mic Inputs and Stereo Phono Inputs
  • Two Balanced XLR Line Outputs, One per Output Zone
  • Built-In 2/4 Tone Pre-Set Chime, Remote Chime Trrigger and Local Trigger on Front Panel
  • 1U 19” Rackmount Chassis with Brushed Aluminium Front Panel
  • Output Zones 1 and 2 Features Bass and Treble Tone Controls
£239.00 inc VAT

Nine input channels plus one dedicated ‘push-to-talk’ microphone input, each with flexible two zone routing allowing the installer to configure the system for paging across larger premises. A dedicated paging microphone offers remote chime and paging functions.

Power supply: 240V AC 50Hz or 24V DC
Phono Inputs: 4
Mic/Line Inputs: 9
Unit Size: 1U
Dimensions: 484 x 44 x 378mm
Weight: 5.52kg