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Audio Processing

WiFi Streaming Device

Code: B400WF
In Stock
£58.60 inc VAT

Stereo Sound Enhancer by Citronic

Code: CE22
In Stock
£88.75 inc VAT

Stereo Compressor Limiter

Code: CLCI-01
In Stock
£139.00 inc VAT
£87.90 inc VAT

Citronic Electronic Crossover

Code: CX34
In Stock
£112.00 inc VAT

Digital Loudspeaker Processor

Code: DLP48W
In Stock
£524.00 inc VAT

31 Band Graphic Equaliser

Code: GACI-31
In Stock
£157.00 inc VAT

Audio Processing Information:

The audio processing section is home to a wide range of Compressors, DI boxes, Graphic Equalisers, Digital Crossovers, Feedback Destroyers plus much more.


Firstly a compressor will protect your equipment and improve sound quality. Compressors can prevent your speakers from blowing and will also stop the music distorting by holding back excessive frequencies a greater amplitudes.

Feedback Destroyers:

As part of our audio processing section you will also find a range of feedback destroyers. As the name suggests the feedback destroyers assist in eliminating the loud squeal often caused by mics picking up and amplifying the sound from speakers etc. Feedback eliminators work by detecting the frequency at which the feedback occurs and reduces the system gain at the frequency using a special filter.

DI Boxes:

DI Boxes are a very useful piece of equipment for live music environments where the sound is amplified. They are primarily designed for connecting to instruments or directly to mixers, converting the high impedance output to balanced feed.

If you require any further assistance or advice on any of audio processing equipment offered in this section, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our sales or technical support team.