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Effects Machine Fluid

Terralec supply a wide range of high quality effects fluids including haze, bubble, snow and fog fluid.  It is important you use the correct type fluid for your effects machine, failure to do so can result in not only a poor effect but a damaged machine! 

Haze fluid will create a lingering light fog, perfect for hi-lighting effects lights, lasers etc.  The fog/ smoke machine fluid, tends to be much denser and is often seen in theatrical productions as well as in the entertainment industry.  We do two options for fog fluid, standard and dense, we also offer a convenient 1L size for smaller machines and venues. 

Our snow fluid is suitable for a wide range of machines and produces a fluffy foam-like effect which settles just like real snow!   Snow machines tend to use up fluid quite rapidly, which is worth bearing in mind when you deciding how many to purchase!   

Some effect machines require specific fluid (oil based for example), please check suitability before making your purchase.  Details of each of our fluids can be found within the product specification.