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Stage & Theatre Curtains

We can produce bespoke curtains to suit your requirements. Many luxury fabrics can be chosen from the vast range available and a fabric swatch can be supplied if required.

There are multiple types of stage curtains including 'front of house' which are normally made from a red brick velvet fabric and are lined. The front of house curtains provides a barrier between the audience and the stage area.

'Front valance' is a horizontal curtain normally made from the same fabric as the front of house curtains but has no lining; this curtain is used to help hide curtain tracks and lighting fixtures.

'Intermediate tabs' are used to section off the stage into smaller areas, these also tend to overlap and are particularly useful for hiding stage props and backdrops needed for later scenes, these are normally made from a super wool serge material in black with no lining.

'Leg curtains' are also known as wing curtains, these are normally made from black super wool serge. The wing curtains can be mounted to a 2-3 metre swivel bar; these are used to hide the side of the stage from the audiences view and allow actors waiting in the wings not to be seen.

'Cyclorama's' are likely to be made from a white canvas material and tied in place; they are useful for scene mood setting by shining different coloured light onto them or can also be used for projection of gobo's etc. 

All curtains apart from the cyclorama's are normally made with 50% fullness; this adds nice pleats to the curtains.

If you would like us to quote for bespoke curtains please email us with the following information:

Material: Velvet, wool surge or canvas
Colour: Please specify
Drop in cm
Width in cm
Lined: Yes or no
50% Fullness: Yes or No
Header: Snap hooks, swivel hooks or ties
Base: Chain weight, pocket or hem

If you require any further information or help please contact us at