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Lighting Control

8 Way Switch Controller With IEC Outlets

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£43.95 inc VAT

Cobra Colour Control 12 DMX Controller

Expected Soon
£285.00 inc VAT

DMX Controller 48 Channels

2 In Stock
£328.00 inc VAT

Mini DMX Splitter 2 Way

1 In Stock
£38.00 inc VAT

BriteQ DMX Splitter/Booster

Code: DS12DMX
In Stock-Delivery 3-5 days
£123.00 inc VAT
£198.00 inc VAT

24 Channel Contractor Dimming Switching Pack

Code: TRACT-24
Made to Order - Aprox. 14 days
£2224.00 inc VAT

4 Channel DMX Relay Pack

1 In Stock
£87.70 inc VAT

12 Channel Contractor Dimming Switching Pack

Code: TRACT-12
Made to Order - Aprox. 14 days
£1280.00 inc VAT

DMX Controllers & Lighting Desks:

There are a massive range of DMX lighting controllers, Dimmer packs, Analogue lighting controllers and accessories in this lighting control section. All the popular brands, such as Anytronic, Showtec, JB Systems, Compulite, Futurelight, Elation and SGM are represented. Whether you want to control your DJ lighting, stage lighting or even retail and display lighting, there is something for everyone! 

What Will You Need From Your Controller?

Before making a purchase, decide on the key requirements expected from your lighting controller, for example is the controller for dimming static theatre lights or for controlling multi-channel DMX effects, or a combination of both? Will you want to fit smaller dimmer or switch packs near the lights to be controlled, or will you want to centralise all the power control in one place? It is a good idea to think of the future when it comes to disco or stage lighting systems.  You may only want to control one or two lights now, but if this is likely to expand you may want to consider a bigger controller with more features that can grow with you! 

The Styles & Features of Controllers Available:

Showtec offer some modest priced combination lighting controllers, where it's easy to build multi-step sequences for the effects lights while easily controlling the dimming channels. Anytronic produce a popular range of controllers and DMX dimmer packs, these are often selected by schools because of their operational simplicity and sturdy construction.

Software Lighting Control:

Moving away from conventional lighting control, there is Sweetlight. This is a computer based system, starting with a simple low cost USB interface and moving up to more sophisticated units that will control more than a 1000 channels of DMX. 

Where To Get More Help:

The technical specifications of the controllers can get a little confusing, especially if you are not sure what you may want from your controller in the future!  Don't forget we have a dedicated technical department on hand to offer advice and assist you with any queries, just call 01702 547571.