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Gels & Filters

Lighting Gels

Colour lighting gels are a great way to instantly change the appearance of your commercial or theatrical lighting. The lighting gels are often used to create mood lighting for venues such as; bars, pubs and restaurants. They are also very popular for stage lighting set ups, as they can make one simple lighting system very versatile.  Using lighting gels can be a simple way of creating an effect without having to change all of your lighting so they remain a popular choice for many users!

For convenience we offer pre-cut theatrical lighting gels sold in packs, suitable for use on all standard size par cans. Alternatively for a broader range of colours and different styles of lighting, you may want to look at our standard and high temperature lighting gel sheets. These can be cut to your preferred size and come in a wide range of vibrant and exciting colours.

Our lighting gel sheets are available in standard and high temperature (the colours vary in each category). The high temperature filters will not last forever but the colour will remain more stable if used on high temperature lights such as the PAR64.

We also offer fluorescent lighting filters for standard 4ft fluorescent tubes in a range of colours. These fluorescent filters can be cut in half for 2ft tubes and are simple to use, they simply slip over the tube. 

Please be advised, lighting gels are not suitable for covering halogen lamps.