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Fog & Haze Machines

Fog and haze machines are widely used in the entertainment sector because they can create exciting effects that add to the atmosphere of live events like theatre shows and concerts. Theatrical smoke and fog devices generate a haze that boosts the effects of lighting and makes beams of light more visible to spectators, resulting in a brighter display that looks attractive to the eye. Fog machines work by emitting a dense vapour into the air that looks like smoke - a mixture of haze fluids, which are poured into the devices, condense when released in the open air to create an almost opaque, obvious fog. Fog machines (also commonly known as smoke machines) are offered in a wide range of sizes and the selection is normally dependant upon the output required and the size of the venue the fog machine is intended for.

Haze machines and hazers are different to fog machines in that they produce a very light and subtle fog that lasts much longer and can hang in the air for hours rather than minutes. They do not produce the same visible effect so you will not achieve that cloud of fog or obscure normal vision like you do with fog machines. If you are purchasing a machine for the sole purpose of enhancing lighting then a haze machine would be a better choice. In addition they are less likely to trigger off sensitive smoke alarms which can be a problem in commercial venues. We offer a wide range of haze machines in this section including DMX models for large venues.

From music tours, raves and outdoor concerts to use in video arcades, weddings, Halloween parties and social events, fog and haze machines are an ideal addition to any occasion where captivating the audience is essential. Transform your next concert into a show-stopping event by opting for the range of competitively priced fog, haze and mist machines at Terralec. Choose from fog machines with DMX control or a simple plug and play fog machine.  

With low warm up times and precision technology, larger foggers are ideal for theatrical applications where timing is vital to the storyline. Producing massive volumes of smoke, these devices are perfect for the professional user. However, we have a host of portable fog and haze machines that can be used successfully by novices and newcomers. You can even opt for Antari fog in a can that is easy to use and can fill a room with light smoke in 20 seconds. All of the smoke and haze machines in this section take water based fluid which is also available to purchase online. Speak to us to find out more today and benefit from expert advice and guidance on buying the best fog machine!