Haze Machine 700 Watt Wired Remote by PerformFX

Code: PFX700H
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  • 700w Heater
  • 1.2L Fluid Heater
  • Uses Water Based Haze Fluid
  • Self Cleaning Function
  • Wired Remote Control
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A portable, powerful haze machine, perfect for the mobile entertainer. Outputs a mist of smoke into the air to make the most out of effects lights and lasers. Supplied with a simple hand remote control. A well balanced unit which incorporates a 700 watt heater, 1.2 litre fluid tank and reliable pump. The Club mist has a special in-built cleaning function which automatically cleans the heater after use, to prolong its life. Uses water based haze fluid (never oil based).

Mains Supply: 240Vac 50Hz
Power: 750 Watts
Heat Up Time: 3 min
Liquid Consumption Rate: Approx 2-3.5ml/min
Dimensions: 390 x 210 x 360mm
Weight: 7kg