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300W 120V Capsule Lamp

Code: CP96
3 In Stock
£5.20 inc VAT

Q500GY Theatre Lamp 500 Watt

Code: Q500GY
2 In Stock
£12.25 inc VAT

500W 240v (GY9.5) Theatre Lamp T18

Code: Q500T25
3 In Stock
£17.95 inc VAT

500w 240v (P28) Theatre Lamp T28

Code: Q500T28
2 In Stock
£25.95 inc VAT

240V 600W GKV Theatre Lamp G9.5

Code: Q600GKV
4 In Stock
£21.90 inc VAT

240V 600W GKV Lamp G9.5 Long Life

Code: Q600GKV-LL
3 In Stock
£27.95 inc VAT

240V 1000 Watt Halogen

Code: Q1000
3 In Stock
£18.85 inc VAT

Par36 Lamp

Code: PAR36
In Stock
£5.80 inc VAT

Par36 Lamp 4515 30W

Code: PAR36CH
14 In Stock
£5.35 inc VAT

Par56 Lamp 300W 240 Volt Medium Flood

Code: PAR56
1 In Stock
£16.80 inc VAT

Lamp Safety & Installation Information:

In this section you can choose from a wide range of replacement bulbs, covering all areas of stage lighting, disco lighting and display fittings. Always ensure you use the correct bulb for your fitting. If you require assistance please contact a member of our sales team.

Important Safety Information:

When replacing the lamp in any light fitting, always ensure the unit has been switched off and isolated from the mains supply. Ensure you have selected the correct bulb by checking the specification on any packaging or labelling. Many fittings, especially stage lighting get very hot, always allow the lighting unit to cool fully before replacing the lamp. Halogen bulbs (commonly used in conventional disco lighting) should not be handled with naked hands, always use the plastic sleeve when inserting the lamp into your unit. Do not look directly into any light beam.

Lamp Selection:

The small reflector and capsule lamps are offered in a wide range of voltages and powers. Take extra care when choosing the lamp you need. The low voltage types will normally be powered by transformers, fitting the unit with the wrong lamp may overheat the transformer and cause failure. Choosing too higher powered lamp may cause the unit to overheat, resulting in the risk of fire!

Lamp Life:

Please note that the lamp life quoted in any specifications is given only for guidance. The lamp life can be significantly reduced if a fitting is moved on a regular basis, or if it is part of a moving effect. Handling your lamp carefully and waiting for any fittings to cool before replacing the lamp should help. If replacement bulbs are becoming an inconvenience, you may wish to consider LED lighting.