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Snow Machines

Fake Snow Machines

Let's be honest, real snow is hit and miss in the UK which is why customers turn to us year after year to solve their winter wonderland problems!  
Suitable for all kinds of applications, our snow machines are often seen on stage, in clubs, and at charitable events all over the country!  

We offer a wide range of snow machines from the smaller style, suitable for house parties and displays through to the largest of  fake snow machines, that you would see at commercial events.  These larger snow machines offer an extremely high output of fake snow and are better for covering larger areas.  

All of our snow machines are simple to use, simply plug in and aim in the direction you want the snow to land!  Most models have a remote control (some wireless) so you can take control over the output as required.  Simply top up with snow fluid as required and you can have snow whenever, wherever you want!