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Trussing Information & Design Advice:

Terralec offer a large range of truss systems, including steel and aluminium trussing. Our range is extremely extensive, offering a great solution for any stage trussing, lighting truss or show or display requirement.

Aluminium trussing is available in three styles; Light weight trio, Starndard Trio 239 and Quad 239.  All styles will support lighting and other equipment. 

Lightweight Trio is a compact and easy to assemble solution for the decorative and entertainment industry. An extensive series of straight lengths, corners and fittings will allow you to construct almost any shape with ease. The parts push together with conical connectors and secure pins or taper bolts. Assembly is easy with only a rubber mallet required to tap sections into place.  Clamps and accessories can be used to secure sections together, or to walls and ceilings, but ensure that the supporting structure is strong enough to carry the final load. A structural engineer should be consulted if you are unsure.

Trio standard 239 is a triangle profile truss with a massive strength to weight ratio. Use this style of trussing for assembling larger structures, where strength is important. There is a large range of  accessories to complement this style. The main tube is 50mm in diameter, so accepts many fittings from across the entertainment and display industry. Complex structures can be made with ease and the system is suitable for all types of installation, from exhibition stands and shops, to clubs and bars.

If you are making large structures or require a square profile for aesthetic reasons, use the Quad 239 trussing system. The finished structure can support heavy weights and span long distances. The main tube diameter is 50mm, so you can draw from our large range of fittings and accessories to provide you with everything necessary for a smooth installation. Like the rest of the products in this range, the Quad239 is easy to assemble, requiring only a light tap to fit the necessary parts together. It is then a simple process to push in the pins and retaining clips for final assembly. Bolt up pins can be used for added security.

Accessories & Technical Support:

Our trussing accessory category is home to all the fixings, clamps and hardware that you will need to complete your system.

It is important you do not exceed the load bearing rates indicated. If you are unsure about any aspect of the trussing offered please contact our technical department who will be happy to assist you.

Trussing Design & Working out What you Might Need:

For design advice, call our sales office or ideally fax or email a sketch of your intended project and we will be able to advise you what parts you may require.

Due to the size and volume of the trussing offered in this section special carriage terms may apply, please contact us for further details.