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CD Player Advice & Information:

A professional CD player is a vital piece of any DJ's equipment and should be viewed as a serious purchase. Whether you are a bedroom mixer, just getting started, a super club DJ playing to 1000's, a nightclub DJ or professional entertainer, a good CD player is a must!

You will see from our wide selection that we have one of the largest ranges of DJ CD players available in the UK. There are many types of professional CD player available; from dual CD players to the single style, top and front loading types, single and dual CD players, plus table top or rack mountable options, the list really is endless!

What Style DJ CD Player To Go For?

The style CD player you opt for will very much depend on the nature of it's use. For example a school or theatre willl generally have a very different requirement to a mobile DJ or nighclub. Most CD players are capable and designed to cater for more than one purpose, but you may wish to speak to a member of our sales team to clarify what features you are most likely to want or need.

Generally most DJ's opt for a dual CD player which is rack mountable. These are easy to carry around and make mixing between tracks smooth and simple. Demand for professional table top CD players has increased, many with scratch pads for DJ mixing. This style of CD player is a good option if you are looking to create your own sound or prefer a more hands on approach.

There are now also popular options that combine a professional CD player, mixer and amplifier all in one unit. With excellent functions and sleek appearance these units are becoming a favourable choice for many DJ's and entertainment professionals.

Another format worth considering would be the MP3 CD players, which allow you to play music in another media format. This style of player is very popular for the modern entertainer. Look out in the product specifications for CD players that have MP3 capability.

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