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Headphones & Accessories

We stock a wide range of professional headphones for all areas of the entertainment industry, here you will find a bit of advice that may help you with your headphone selection!  

Select headphones with your main application in mind. If you are a DJ, use comfortable closed back types, such as the Synq HPS-2P or Citronic HP500. These types of DJ headphone maintain good sound quality at high volume and cancel out background noise, making it easier to cue tracks etc. On the other hand, some DJ's find it easier to use the single cup style of DJ headphone, especially if you are working in a booth and want to keep in touch with the front of house sound. 

The HP-525 high performance professional headphones are excellent for studio work, while they can be used in any environment; their consistent, flat frequency response removes any chance of misinterpreting your final mix EQ. 

Although listening to sound through headphones can remove some of the stereo presence or depth, especially on old recordings, modern binaural recording techniques have redressed this. These new techniques reflect the way many of us now listen to music and the clarity you can now get with the use of a good pair of professional headphones is much improved.  

Noise cancelling headphones are also a popular choice for many areas, as these reduce unwanted ambient sounds. A microphone is placed near the ear and an electronic circuit produces an out of phase cancelling sound which is played through the earpiece. This significantly reduces the intruding sound, leaving the intended source clear in the listener’s ear. These style headphones work well against continuous unwanted noise, such as in flight engine noise, industrial machines and droning background babble. They are less effective against speech and other rapidly changing sounds.