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Speaker Grilles and Connector Plates

Speaker Plates & Grilles

In order to complete the construction of your speaker cabinet, you will require connector plates and covers for your speaker drivers. Terralec offers a wide range of options for speaker plate styles that are suitable for all common speaker connectors used in professional speaker cabinets, such as Speakon and jack connectors. These connector plates make it easy to install the speaker connectors in your cabinet, and will give it a professional and polished appearance.

In addition to connector plates, you may also want to consider using speaker grilles to cover and protect your speakers from damage. Terralec offers speaker grilles in a variety of sizes, making them compatible with all common speaker sizes used in professional PA cabinets. These grilles can be easily installed by clamping them in place over the speaker chassis once it is securely fastened in the cabinet. This will provide an additional layer of protection for your speakers and ensure that they last longer.