Scene Director DMX Lighting Controller 48 Channels

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  • 48 Channel Dimming Console
  • Two Scene Operation (A/B Faders)
  • 4,600 Programmable, Password Protected Scenes
  • 96 Programmable, Password Protected Chases
  • Up to 1,000 Scenes (Steps) per Chase
  • 24 x 4 Pages (96 Chases in Total)
  • Supplied with a Selection of Pre-Programmed Chases to Use or Edit
  • Blind & Dark Functions
  • Individual & Multiple Chase Operations
  • 48 Individual Channel Faders
  • 48 Flash Buttons
  • Tap Sync Button for Chase Speed/Fade Override
  • Speed & Fade Control
  • Full on Button for 100% Output on all 24 Channels
  • LED Display
  • Sound to Light Control via Built-In Microphone or Audio Input on the Rear Panel
  • Audio Level Fader
  • Midi In, Out & Thru Connectors
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The Scene Director 48 dimmer console from LEDJ allows up to 4,600 programmable scenes and 96 programmable chases (all password protected) and up to 1,000 scenes per chase, you can rest easy that your unique set-up is kept secure while it runs 12 chases simultaneously. The 24 bottom faders can be assigned to programmed chases, allowing control over separate channels in addition to programmed scenes and chases. The speed can be adjusted via the speed fader and a tap sync button. The Scene Director also incorporates an audio input and built-in microphone, allowing sound-to-light control. Also on-board are two master faders, a black-out button and an easy-to-read LED display.

Power Supply: 9-12V DC 500mA
DMX Output: 3 & 5 Pin XLR
Dimensions: 110 x 712 x 268mm
Weight: 6.6Kg