CO2 Jet Simulation Smoke Fluid 20 Litres by PFX

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  • CO2 Type Blast
  • Fast Dispersion
  • Non Toxic Solution
  • For Use in Heater Type Smoke Machines
  • 4 x 5 Litre Bottles
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20 litres of professional grade CO2 effect smoke liquid is manufactured from the finest grade materials. It is supplied in four 5 litre containers, the lid can be resealed so you do not have to use all at once. This smoke fluid is an excellent choice for all vertical machines and is ideal for stage, concert work and clubs. This liquid produces an intense smoke bursts that disappear rapidly so gives the effect of real CO2. This liquid can be used in any heater type smoke and fog machines.

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CO2 Jet Simulation Smoke Fluid 5 Litre
4 x CO2 Jet Simulation Smoke Fluid 5 Litres by PFX
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