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Compressors / Limiters

Stereo Compressor Limiter

Code: CLCI-01
In Stock
£139.00 inc VAT

Digital Loudspeaker Processor

Code: DLP48W
In Stock
£524.00 inc VAT

NewHank Level One Stereo Limiter

In Stock
£250.00 inc VAT
Compressor Limiters

Our audio compressor limiters are the perfect solution for anyone looking to improve sound quality and control sound levels. These powerful tools are designed to compress audio signals, preventing distortion and ensuring that all audio is played at the optimal level.

Whether you're working in a live setting or in a studio, our audio compressor limiters are sure to make a positive impact on your sound. They can be used to control the volume of individual instruments, ensuring that each element of your mix is perfectly balanced. They also help to enhance the overall sound quality, making your recordings and live performances sound more professional.

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