NewHank Level One Stereo Limiter

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  • Audio Limiter
  • Small Compact Housing
  • XLR Inputs & Outputs
  • Individual Left & Right Input Control
  • Combined Limit Adjustment
  • Perfect for Restaurants & Bars
£250.00 inc VAT

The NewHank Level One is a small, easy to use, low cost stereo limiter. The input control for left and right can be adjusted separately while the limiting is adjusted for left and right together.

This is a perfect solution for bars, restaurants and small clubs that have to deal with low level restrictions and don't want to lose audio quality, or rental companies that want to protect their equipment. Where most limiters compress or change the sound, this limiter keeps the sound alive, even at low levels and/or operating full limit. After adjustments are set they can be sealed or pad locked.

Power Supply: 24Vdc
Inputs: 2 x XLR Female
Outputs: 2 x XLR Male
Dimensions: 110 x 44 x 260mm
Weight: 1Kg