WiFi Streaming Device

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  • Smartsonix App Controlled, Compatible with both Android and IOS
  • Multiple Devices can be Connected to the Network at One Time
  • Can be used with a Wired Connection (3.5mm Cable Supplied)
  • USB 5V Powered
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This Wi-Fi Music Streaming receiver enables wireless music streaming from external devices such as laptops, smartphones or PC s directly to a Host Audio Amplifier, Hi-Fi system or Powered Speakers, in fact any device that will accept an audio input. The Wi-Fi receiver uses a WIFI network and the Smartsonix App to access Spotify, iHeartRadio, TuneIn Radio and other streaming services as well as locally stored content. Just download the Smartronix APP which can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Once downloaded and connected to a Wi-Fi network multiple receivers can be used to create a multi-room/multi zone network, units can operate independently or can be combined (playing one source on multiple output devices) depending on the users requirements. Multiple Wi-Fi Receivers can be connected to a network, either by setting up a wireless ""Wi-Fi"" network, or by using a wired Ethernet (RJ45 cable connection, cable not supplied). A local Audio Input is also provided on the back of the unit via a 3.5mm Stereo Jack; this will allow a wired connection to stream from a local source i.e.: I-Pod, Mp3 Player, CD Player, FM Radio, the Wi-Fi Stream when active will override the any locally wired input. The receiver has a sleek contemporary design and can be powered by local 5V USB from a host device (USB cable supplied) or from an optional USB power source.

Power Supply: 5V USB (Not Included)
Dimensions: 22 x 116 x 95mm
Weight: 120g