2 Zone Installation Mixer with 4 Dual Stereo Channels + 2 Mic Inputs

Code: QZM2820V2
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  • 2 Zone Installation Mixer
  • Line & Phono Inputs
  • 2 Microphone Inputs
  • 2U Rack Mountable
  • Tone Controls
  • Emergency Input & Output Mute
£239.00 inc VAT

The QZM2820V2 is a well designed mixer specifically designed for small installations in bars, restaurants and gyms. Very useful mixer if 2 zones need to be supplied with different music sources or the same music at different volumes. There are 4 main input channels which can either accept line or phono inputs. Channel 1 has an auxiliary input on the front for iPods and phones etc. Channel 4 has a FOH input, this allows external sound systems to be connected via balanced stereo jacks, this is useful if a band or DJ want to patch into the background music system. Two microphone inputs can be found on the front panel with a choice of XLR or jacks inputs; also parallel to these are 2 mic inputs on the back panel. The mic inputs have bass, mid & treble controls and can be turned on or off. An automatic talk over will lower the music levels once sound is picked up through a microphone. On the rear panel connection to amplifiers can be made, the zone output can be mono or stereo, balanced or unbalanced and a 100Hz switch can be activated to cut out some bass frequencies. A two way tone control and volume can be adjusted on the back panel prior to installation. The main output can be unbalanced or balanced and also has a rear panel volume control. An emergency input can be found on the back panel which will mute any music playing and output an emergency message. There is also an output mute facility for connection to suitable fire alarms which will mute the music when the fire alarms are activated.

Unit Size: 2U
Dimensions: 483 x 88 x 183.5
Weight: 2.8Kg