2 Zone Installation Mixer with 6 Stereo Inputs + 2 Mic Inputs

Code: QZM2620V2
Availability: Expected Soon
  • Easy To Use Zone Mixer
  • Compact 1U Casing
  • 2 Microphone Inputs
  • 6 Line Inputs
  • 2 Band EQ For Main Output
  • Emergancy Input & Mute Facility
£179.00 inc VAT

An easy to use 1U two zone mixer for bars, restaurants, shops and gym installations. There are 6 music input channels; inputs 1 & 2 have an RCA line input on the rear panel with the option to switch them to microphone channels via a jack socket if required. Input 1 also has a 3.5mm jack input on the front for handy connections to MP3 players & phones etc. There are 2 dedicated mic inputs with a 2 band EQ using 1/4 jack plugs. The main output has volume control, bass & treble controls and can send either a balanced or unbalanced signal to suitable amplifiers. The zone output has volume control and the option of sending input channels 1-5 or the master volume via a mono balanced output to suitable amplifiers. This feature is handy for installations where either different music sources need to be routed to different rooms or just the overall sound level needs to be set at a lower level in one room. All music inputs & outputs have rear volume controls so settings can be set pre installation and once installed in a rack the volumes can't be tampered with. There is also a line input for emergency announcements which all allow all music to be muted when an announcement is made. A suitable relay alarm can also be connected so that music will mute when the alarm sounds.

Unit Size: 1U
Dimensions: 483 x 45 x 152mm
Weight: 2.2Kg