Hill Audio ZPR4620 4 Zone Installation Mixer

Code: ZPR4620
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  • 3 Zone & Master Mixer
  • For Many Types Of Installations
  • 5 Music Input Channels
  • 2 Microphone Inputs & Talkover
  • Zone High Pass Filter
  • Switchable Mic On Zone Outputs
  • Matrix Switching For Zone Outputs
  • Emergency Input & Mute Facility
  • Screwdriver Volumes On The Rear Panel
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The biggest version from the Hill ZPR series with 6 music input channels that can be sent to a master output or to one of the 3 zone outputs. Matrix switching on the zones allows input channels 1-5 to be sent to any or all zones. Suitable for bigger installations in bars, pubs, restaurants, shops, gyms, schools or factories where up to three zones need to be easily controlled but also have the safety facility of an emergency signal input & mute facility in case of a fire etc. There are 6 music input channels, most of these are line level but 3 record decks can be connected if required. Channel 1 has RCA inputs on the rear panel or an auxiliary 3.5mm jack socket on the front panel which can be used for IPods, MP3 players and phones. The unit has 2 microphone inputs, mic 1 can be connected on the front panel (dual XLR/jack socket) or the jack socket on the back panel and the second mic is just on the back panel. 3 band tone controls can help adjust vocals if required and there is an automatic talk over which reduces the music when no signal is detected. A FOH (front of house) input can be found on the front panel & rear panel, this allows bands or DJ's to connect directly into the venues installed PA system. The main output can be sent by balanced or unbalanced connections with screwdriver controlled volume & equalisation so that these can be pre-set on installation so that no one is able to tamper with levels once the unit has been installed. The 3 zone outputs use mono balanced output connections and they also have the screwdriver setting volume and tone controls. There is also the option to send the microphone channels to them or not. This unit has a high pass filter switching at 100Hz that will cut out some low bass frequencies. So plenty of features housed in a compact 3U rack mount case suitable for many installations with sophisticated control or can still be used as a basic mixer for mixing a selection of music sources.

Line Inputs: 8
Phono Inputs: 2
Mic Inputs: 2
Unit Size: 3U
Dimensions: 483 x 133.5 x 183.5mm
Weight: 4.2Kg