Hill Audio RPM-6600 Mixer/Splitter

Code: RPM-6600
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  • 6 Mono Inputs/Outputs
  • XLR Connections for Inputs/Outputs 1-4
  • Jack Connections for Inputs/Outputs 5-6
  • Each Section can Work Independently in Mixer or Splitter Mode
  • 1 XLR Stereo Input with Level Control
  • 1 XLR Stereo Output with Level Control
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The RPM-6600 is a versatile unit that can be used as a 6 channel mixer or a 6 channel splitter or a mix of both. Each channel has a switch to select mixer or splitter mode. In Splitter mode the channel output is fed from the master input, in mixer mode the corresponding channel is sent to the master output connectors. Each channel has a balance pot and volume control, 4 outputs are XLR and 2 are jack. A great problem solving unit for zone signal distribution, sub mixing keyboards on stage and much more.