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Commercial PA Systems

Commercial PA Systems
Commercial and installation audio systems covers a wide range of possibilities, from a small PA system in a doctors surgery to a large commercial installation in a warehouse or shopping centre.

We can cover most areas and provide a solution for most eventualities, whether that is a full installation or a simply supply.

It is often hard to understand what might be required when specifying or installing a commercial audio system. If there is one room and only music at a background level is required, then we can offer some straight-forward off-the-shelf solutions.   If on the other hand the space or venue has multiple rooms and requires music and voice announcements, then more consideration is required, and you may wish to speak to our specialist audio team for assistance. 

Most PA installations requiring more than four or six speakers will be better suited to using a 100 volt line system. This will allow for simpler speaker wiring and make the difficulties of sound distribution less challenging. Using this method, individual speaker levels can easily be adjusted so a good sound balance can be made across a wide area or in a number of rooms. You can read our full guide to 100 Volt Line Systems here..>>

The exception to this may be a large bar or club, where sound levels are high and it will often make sense to use multiple high-power conventional amplifiers for your sound system, which may be more cost effective and give the sound intensity and quality required.

Having control of the sound distribution from a central area can also often be an important feature of any installation. A simple volume control will of course give overall control, but it may be that individual zones or rooms need separate control. This can be achieved with separate amplifiers, amplifiers with zone switching or zone level control.  All options have varying advantages and disadvantages, but it is probably fair to say that more sophisticated the control the greater the system cost. The most flexible option is to have variable zone level control, meaning you can remotely set any area to the desired volume or turn it off completely. Needless to say, this is the most expensive option and can be achieved with either multiple amplifiers or a single device with multiple, variable zone outlets.

When choosing any PA system, consider what is required, if you can get away with less control or just switching areas off this will definitely save money and some system complication.

Many of the systems shown here are just examples of what a system might look like and some idea of cost. We are always happy to work on an individual project and help you figure out what is required, you can email us drawings of sketches and we will come up with a solution and even install it for you if that makes economic sense.  Please contact our team on 01702 547571 or mail