School PA System for Installation Inc; 4 Speakers and Bluetooth Mixer

Code: PAA-035
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  • Complete School PA System for Installation
  • Four Cobra 12" Speaker Cabinets
  • 800 Watt Power Amplifier
  • Multi-Media Rack Mount Mixer
  • Complete with Cabling & Wall-Mount Rack Cabinet
£2195.00 inc VAT

A well designed PA system which includes 4 speakers with a Bluetooth mixer and offers a good degree of flexibility for schools, colleges and any entertainment area, whilst keeping things as simple for any user. 

This PA system includes 4 high quality speakers with good sounding compression drivers, suitable for both music play-back and vocals. The speakers are supplied with wall brackets and should be mounted to a solid wall suitable for the weight, with safety wires or chains attached for additional security. The speakers wire back to a simple to use power amplifier. The amplifier connects to a mixer which offers basic controls making it straightforward for even a novice to use! The mixer can accept to up to 3 microphones and a line level input (from say a CD player, computer or laptop). A Bluetooth enabled device such as your smartphone can also be connected, allowing the user to stream audio from their device. All of the electronics are mounted in a strong metal rack which can be mounted to a wall in a suitable position at a convenient height. 

This PA system is designed to give you an idea of the products and costs involved for such a system, but it can be adapted to suit your requirements. It would need to be installed by a competent person with sound electronics knowledge and a good understanding of wall mounting safety and cable runs. If you would like further information on this package, would like to make changes or are interested in the cost of installation, please contact our sales department.