Large Background Installation PA System by Audiophony

Code: ILINE-05
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  • Installation Background Speaker System
  • 4 Subs
  • 8 Wall Mount Column Speakers
  • All Cables and Brackets Included
£4152.00 inc VAT

A powerful background installation audio system for larger venues such as pubs, bars, restaurants, gyms, commercial outlets and more.

This complete audio system includes 8 column array high frequency speakers, 2 passive subs, 2 active subs, 8 speaker brackets, 2 XLR cables and 10 speakon cables. All that is required is the connection of a suitable mixer or music player! The speakers are wall-mountable while the 4 subwoofers can be installed away from sight if desired. Two of the subwoofers are active and these power the two passive subwoofers, each then powering 4 line array columns. Wiring is straightforward; Connect the passive sub to the active with the short 4 core speakon cable provided, then daisy chain four of the line arrays to the passive sub with the supplied 2 core speaker cables. The installer can use the supplied iLINE box to connect the system to a computer, to externally set up the sub woofers DSP, with control over, equalisation, delay, gain, crossover point and compressor. This is particularly useful for improving the sound quality.

The output of this system is immense, it not only sounds great for background music but you can also turn it up a bit & thanks to the included subs, you even get a good amount of bass compared to other background systems on the market. The speakers are available in black or white, so the system can be chosen to suit how the room is decorated.

Power: 2680W