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100 Volt Line Amplifiers

100 Volt Line Amplifiers
By using 100 volt line amplifiers you have an ideal way to connect any number of speakers, spread over a wide area. A wide area can mean anything from a restaurant, to a football stadium, since the principles remain the same, just the equipment gets bigger. This type of high impedance circuit means the sound system cables can be kept thin and more manageable to install.

First you need to decide if this kind of set up is what you need, we have some more detailed information on our
technical pages, but it's probably reasonable to say that when you are using more than four speakers and they are not located close to the amplifiers, 100 volt line is the way forward.

Decide first on what the overall power requirement might be: Minimal for background music in a restaurant, more than you think in a noisy bar and a very powerful system for public address in an events stadium.

Whatever the case, the speakers can be daisy chained, connected in parallel to the amplifier, so there are no speaker impedance matching issues, and better still each speaker can be set to a different level. This means there is no need to have music blasting at the bar staff, you could keep this moderate and set it higher elsewhere in the venue, say over a small dance floor giving you true flexibility!  

To summarize 100 Volt line systems offer the following advantages

  •         Speaker wiring becomes easier
  •         Long cable runs are not a problem
  •         Installation of multiple speakers is straightforward
  •         Different power taps give you the correct sound distribution

For further technical information or advice on audio installations please contact our friendly support team who will be happy to assist.