PA Amplifier 480 Watt 100v Line with 4 Zones and 8 Inputs

Code: ZAMP4120
Availability: Expected Soon
  • 4x120W Built-In Amplifier at 100V with 8 Channel Mixer
  • Each Input can be Sent to the Zone of your Choice
  • Compatible with the WP1 Wall Controller and MICDESK4
£599.00 inc VAT

This 100v line mixer amplifier is suitable for installations in medium to large venues and is packed with useful features for the most demanding of applications.

There are 8 input channels and 4 zone outputs. The user can choose what input source is sent to each zone output. Line inputs 1-4 have jack inputs for line in and XLR inputs for the microphones. Inputs 1-2 have phantom power switchable. Inputs 5-8 have stereo line inputs via RCA and mono balanced line inputs via jacks. All inputs have gain controls on the back panel, this is to prevent unwanted increase in volume. All outputs are connected via euro blocks, and can be connected to an external input panel(sold separately) via an RJ45 cable. From the front panel, control is simple with tone controls being able to be pre-set just once. Each zone output has a volume control and mute function. The inputs have volume control and 4 switches allowing that input to be sent to any or all of the zone outputs. A paging microphone or input connection panel( both sold separately) can be connected to this mixer via and RJ45 cable. Each zone output can power 120 watts of 100v line speakers.

This is a feature packed amplifier that is simple to use once set up.

Power Supply: 230V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 580W
Output: 4 x 120W
Dimensions: 482 x 320 x 88mm
Weight: 6.8Kg