2 x RGBW Slim Quad Led Par Cans, Bag & Cables

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  • 2 Slim LED Par Cans
  • 7 x 10w RGBW LEDs
  • Double Bracket for Uplighting
  • Cobra Equipment Bag Included
  • IEC Link Cable Included
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Make lots of different colours even pastels with LED par pack consisting of 2 RGB flat par cans, IEC link cable and a tough gig bag. Each light can be hung from trussing, mounted on a lighting bar or simply used on the floor as an uplighter with the lights dual bracket. Designed for uplighting, parties, stages and performers. The par cans have RGBW LED's that can be colour mixed to make many colours. These lightweight pars have built-in fade or chase programmes and can be sound active. A static colour can easily be set in the display. Power & DMX daisy chaining make connections quick and easy. After use cables and pars can be stored and transported safely in the padded Cobra bag.

Power Consumption: 150w

This product contains the following items..
PADDED EQUIPMENT BAG 240 x 240 x 330
1 x Padded Equipment Bag 240 x 240 x 330mm
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IEC Extension Lead
1 x IEC Extension Lead Male To Female 3 Metre
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70w RGBW Slim LED Par
2 x RGBW Slimline Quad Led Par Stage Light
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