Stage Lighting Set with 8 Pre-Wired LED Pars, DMX Controller & Stands

Code: SLS-063
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  • Eight Par Lights, Stands and Controller
  • Suitable for Schools and Entainers
  • Easy to Use & Setup
  • Very Portable
  • RGBW Colour Mixing
  • Scenes and Chases Can Be Stored
  • Adjustable Height Stands
  • Supplied with Storage Cases
£898.00 inc VAT

A versatile stage lighting set, supplied with two stands, 8 LED par lights, DMX controller and all the necessary cables. Each stand has 4 flat LED par cans which come pre-mounted on a T-bar, this makes pack down and set up quick and easy. The T-Bars mount to the supplied stands, each stand has a small foot print and can be raised to 2.5M. One stand can be put each side of the stage for a good colour wash. The beam angle of each stage light is 25 degrees, when all the Pars are lit, a good colour wash can be created. Each Par light has seven 8 watt RGBW LEDs. Colours can be mixed to make many variations such as red, green, blue, yellow, orange, cyan, purple, pink and white. The two lighting bars are powered via long 10m power cables, the bars are connected with a 15M DMX cable, a 15M cable is also used to connect the DMX controller to the first light. The controller can be used manually or scenes and chases can be stored and called back easily. Scenes and chases can be saved onto a suitable USB memory stick.

Set up and pack down time is quick and easy. The Par bars can are stored in a padded case with the cables and the stands are packed in zipped bags. Each set is supplied with an IR remote control and a foot controller. These do not need to be used with the DMX controller. The IR remote can be used for situation where basic control is needed and the foot controller can be used for musicians if they have no hands free. Everything you need is supplied including cables and storage cases. An easy lighting set for venues where the lights need to be portable and brought out when needed.

Optional pre-programming service available, please call and quote code PROGRAML. A flight case for the DMX controller can be purchased separately FC76.

Power Consumption: 480W