Stage Lighting Package with 8 RGBWA & UV LED Par Cans, Stands & Controller

Code: SLS-060
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  • Portable Stage Lighting Kit
  • RGBWA & UV LED Par Cans
  • 48 Channel DMX Desk
  • Adjustable Height Stands
  • Connecting Cables Included
£1805.00 inc VAT

This RGBAWUV stage system is a comprehensive solution designed for small venues such as school theatres, bands, and entertainers. It includes two stands, 8 powerful RGBWAUV cans, a DMX controller, and all the necessary cables for operation.

The DMX controller offers versatile control options. You can individually control each light or group them together, depending on their DMX address settings. This flexibility allows you to create and save scenes and chases easily, streamlining your lighting setup for performances.

The RGBAWUV color control feature is a highlight of this system, allowing you to create a wide range of colours, including pastels and UV effects, to enhance your lighting scenes.

This kit is designed for user-friendly setup and use, making it suitable even for those new to lighting equipment. It's important to note that the fan-cooled lights may produce some noise, but this is considered reasonable considering the kit's affordability and power.

Additionally, there's an optional pre-set-up service available for £95. This service includes programming 12 scenes and 2 chases onto the controller and addressing all the lights, providing a convenient head start for users. To take advantage of this service, simply quote the code "PROGRAMS" when placing your order. It's a valuable add-on for lighting novices looking for a hassle-free setup experience.

Power Consumption: 400W