Plano RGBWA & UV LED Par Can - 7 x 12W LEDs

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  • 7x 12W RGBWA + UV LEDs
  • IR Remote Included
  • Compatible with BT-MDMX Receiver
  • Standalone, Master/Slave & DMX Modes
  • Double Bracket for Floor Standing Applications
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The LED Plano 6in1 par can is a compact and energy efficient LED projector designed for various lighting applications, including clubs, DJ setups, schools and rental companies.

The fixture is equipped with 7 high quality LEDs, each rated at 12 watts. These LEDs are capable of producing RGBWA + UV (Red, Green, Blue, White, Amber, and Ultraviolet) colours, offering a wide range of colour options.

The package includes an IR remote controller, which allows you to control the projector remotely. This makes it convenient for adjusting settings without having to access the fixture directly.

The fixture is prepared for wireless DMX control using an optional BT-MDMX DONGLE. This feature enables you to control the projector wirelessly, providing flexibility in your lighting setup.

The par is equipped with 3 different modes Standalone Mode with IR remote; In this mode, you can choose between automatic colour patterns or beat-synchronized colour patterns, allowing the fixture to operate independently without the need for external control. Master/Slave Mode allows multiple projectors to be linked together and they will synchronize their lighting effects, creating coordinated light shows. The final mode is DMX, the fixture supports different channel modes, enabling you to select various lighting programs and have individual control over colours using a DMX controller.

The LED Plano par can is designed for mobile applications but is also suitable for permanent installations. It is extremely compact and has very low power consumption, making it suitable for on the go setups.

The fixture offers 0-100% dimming control, allowing you to adjust the brightness as needed. Additionally, it features an ultra-fast strobe function, eliminating the need for additional strobe lights.

The 4 digit LED display, simplifies menu navigation and configuration for setup.

The par comes with a double bracket, which makes it easy to use as a floor spot. This bracket design provides versatility in mounting options.

Overall, the LED Plano 6in1 par can is a versatile and user friendly lighting fixture suitable for a wide range of lighting applications, especially in the entertainment and event industry.

Power Supply: 100/240Vac, 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 50W
LED: 7 x 12W RGBWA & UV
Beam Angle: 30 Degrees
DMX Channels: 2, 6 8 or 9
Dimensions: 210 x 129 x 225mm
Weight: 2.83Kg