UHF Wireless Belt Pack Microphone System by Q-Audio

Code: QWM1900BP
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  • Single UHF Belt Pack Radio Mic
  • Includes Tie Clip, Headset Microphone and Instrument Cable
  • PLL System with Multi-Channel Receiver
  • Built-In ACT System
  • 30m Range
  • Perfect for Aerobics & Dance Instructors
£99.00 inc VAT

A convenient and compact receiver that is battery powered and is the size of a standard belt pack. If you have application where there are no more power sources or you are using a battery powered speaker, then you can stay totally mobile with this radio microphone set. This set is supplied with a belt pack, tie clip mic and headset. The receiver is very small and simply plugs into your mixer or powered speaker using a 1/4" jack. The signal is transferred using ultra high frequencies; this will give better results than VHF solutions.

Carrier Frequency: 863-865MHz
Range: 30m
Weight: 800g