UHF Wireless Headset Radio Mic by Q-Audio

Code: QWM1900HS
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  • Single UHF Headset Radio Mic
  • Small Plug In Receiver
  • Transmitter Built Into the Headset
  • No Belt Pack Required
  • Suitable for Aerobics and Zumba Instructors
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A very good solution for aerobics classes, singers and public speakers. No belt pack is required for this unit as the transmitter is built into the headset, perfect for the performer on the move and you will not have to worry about your beltpack falling to the floor during all fitness activities. The receiver is very small and simply plugs into your mixer using a 1/4" jack. The signal is transferred using ultra high frequencies; this will give better results than VHF solutions. The head set has a range of up to 30m.

Carrier Frequency: 863-865MHz
Range: 30m
Weight: 800g