UHF Dual Channel Wireless Handheld Microphone System

Code: QWM1950HH
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  • Multi-Channel UHF Wireless System
  • Channel 70 863-865MHz
  • Handheld Mics
  • Auto Frequency Scan Feature
  • Supplied In A Rugged ABS Carry Case
£149.00 inc VAT

Looking for a reliable and high-quality radio mic system? Look no further than the QWM1950HH, the perfect solution for all your audio needs. This system comes equipped with two handheld microphones, providing you with the flexibility to handle any situation. With a range of up to 50m line of sight, the QWM1950HH is perfect for use in large venues. And with its UHF technology, you can be sure that you'll experience crystal-clear sound quality without any interference.

The QWM1950HH features a smart digital display, a feature typically found only on more expensive models. The display shows basic settings, making it easy to set up and adjust your microphone system quickly and easily. For added convenience, there are two balanced outputs on the rear of the system, one for each microphone, as well as a mixed unbalanced jack output. And to ensure your system stays protected while on the go, the QWM1950HH comes supplied in a tough ABS carry case.

The QWM1950HH is the perfect choice for a range of applications. Experience high-quality sound and reliable performance with this top-of-the-line radio mic system.

Power Supply: 12Vdc
Carrier Frequencies: 863-865MHz
Transmitter Dimensions: 240 x 40 x 40mm
Receiver Dimensions: 215 x 150 x 50mm
Weight: 220g Transmitter 426g Receiver