Single Beltpack UHF Radio Mic by Hill Audio

Code: WMU-116B
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  • UHF Single Handheld Radio Mic
  • 16 Selectable Carrier Pre-Sets
  • 50m Line of Sight Range
  • Licence Free
  • Batteries Included
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The WMU-116 is the entry into the professional level of wireless microphones, offering switching diversity which enhances reception stability. The 16 available frequencies are conveniently arranged in groups of 3-4 pre-sets, making sure that interference-free channel combinations are instantly available. Frequency changes are fast with IR synchronization between receiver and transmitter, avoiding accidental changes by the microphone user. The large LCD display and the intuitive settings make operation a breeze. The transmitter and receiver are housed in rugged cabinets and the transmitters utilize low-power circuitry for extended battery life.

Carrier Frequency: 863-865MHz
Range: 50m
Dimensions: 210 x 44 x 195mm (Receiver), 83 x 61 x 23mm (Beltpack)
Weight: 0.95g Receiver, 0.75g (Beltpack)