Hill Audio 4 Way Wireless Handheld Mic System

Code: WMU4014H
Availability: Expected Soon
  • 4 Hand Mic Set
  • UHF Frequencies
  • Licence Free
  • Rack Mountable (1U)
  • Batteries Included
£279.00 inc VAT

A professional wireless microphone set from Hill Audio that includes 4 wireless microphones and a 1U rack mountable receiver. Each mic is colour coded so it is easily recognisable for volume adjustments on, the receiver itself, or when connected to a mixer. The receiver has 4 balanced XLR outputs or a mixed output on 1/4” jack. Everything is supplied in the box including batteries and leads, so you will be up and running in no time.

Carrier Frequency: 863.01, 863.42, 864.30, 864.99MHz
Range: 50m
Unit Size: 1U
Dimensions: 483 x 225 x 44mm (Receiver) 243 x 48mm Diameter (Transmitter)
Weight: 2.8Kg (Receiver) 238g (Transmitter)