Dual Beltpack UHF Radio Mic by Hill Audio

Code: WMU-216B
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  • UHF Dual Beltpack Radio Mic
  • 16 Selectable Carrier Pre-Sets
  • 50m Line of Sight Range
  • Licence Free
  • Batteries Included
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The WMU-216B is a dual version of the WMU-116B and offers the same features - from switching diversity, to 16
selectable channels in 6 interference-free pre-set groups, to the IR synchronization between transmitter and
receiver. Each receiver has its own LCD display. Transmitters are the same rugged, low-power designs as with
WMU-116B. Additional TRS mix output with a 1:1 mix of the two receiver outputs.

Carrier Frequency: 863-865MHz
Range: 50m
Dimensions: 410 x 44 x 195mm (Receiver), 83 x 61 x 23mm (Beltpack)
Weight: 1.65Kg Receiver, 75g (Beltpack)