QTX DM-X6 DMX Par Controller

Code: DMX6
Availability: Expected soon
  • Small DMX Par Can Controller
  • Suitable for 3, 4, 5 & 6 Controller
  • 4 Pages of up to 6 Channels
  • Built-In Programs & Sound Activation
  • Independent Strobe & Blackout Features
£79.70 inc VAT

A compact DMX controller suitable for LED par cans of up to six DMX channels. All six channels can be configured to different settings meaning that most makes and brands can be used with the DM-X6 controller. This controller features a blackout and strobe function whilst also boasting five separate sliders for spectrum mix, speed, dimming and audio sensitivity. In addition to this, the controller also has an auto mode where the user can let it run its built in shows automatically. The DM-X6 can be free standing on a flat surface or has the ability to be wall mounted for ultimate flexibility in fixed installations.

Power Supply: 9-12Vdc, 800mA Adaptor
Dimensions: 248 x 110 x 58mm
Weight: 1.31Kg

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