DMX Lighting Controller with 48 Channels and Double Pre-set Bank

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  • 48 Channel Sliders
  • 96 Scenes/Chases Can Be Stored
  • Up To 999 Chase Steps
  • Blackout And Full-on Buttons
  • Music Sensitive Playback
  • Brands will Vary
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The Cobra Colour Control 48 is a 48 channel DMX controller suitable for all types of DMX fixtures, from dimmer packs to LED par cans, or fog machines to effects lights. This controller can be used manually or scenes/chases can be stored in 48 channel mode. You can also use this desk in 24 double pre-set mode. There are 4 pages of 24 places to save your scenes/chases, giving you a total of 96 playbacks, with a maximum of 999 steps. Programming is easy and your scene/chases can be played back simply by moving a slider up or down. The playback can be used with audio control or speed control. Overall, this controller is packed with features which can be used no matter what your level of skill is. A flightcase can also be purchase separately to keep the controller safe.(brands will vary due to supply)

Power Supply: 12Vdc 500mA Min
DMX Output: 3 pin XLR
Dimensions: 671 x 264 x 80mm
Weight: 4.3kg