DMX Controller for LED Fixtures

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  • Suitable for RGB, RGBW/RGBA, RGBWA or RGBWAUV Lighting
  • Master Dimmer Function, even for RGBWA+UV Products
  • Separate RGBW and Amber/UV Colour Mix on Fader Control
  • Strobe Function with Adjustable Speed
  • Built-in W-DMX Transmitter for Wireless Operation
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The VersiLED 6 Wireless from LEDJ is a universal DMX controller designed for controlling multi colour LED fixtures. Suitable for use with RGB, RGBW/RGBA, RGBWA or RGBWAUV products, with or without dimmer channels the controller may be used for LED par cans, panels or even LED strip lights. The on-board W-DMX transmitter allows for wireless DMX control.

Power Supply: DC 9V-12V, 300mA
Dimensions: 250 x 120 x 60mm
Weight: 1Kg