DMX Controller for 4 RGB Fixtures

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  • Controls 4 RGB LED Fixtures
  • 16 Scenes Can Be Stored
  • 99 Chase Steps
  • Adjustable Fade
  • Music Beat Control
  • Strobe Function
  • Brands may Vary
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The Colour Control 4 is an easy to use DMX controller suitable for four 4-channel LED par cans (with the DMX layout of red, green and blue plus dimmer). A simple intuitive control layout will allow scenes and chases to be stored and recalled easily, making this a perfect controller for small bands, DJ lighting or background lighting. The controller is made to high standards with a strong metal case and robust controls, so will withstand the rigours of frequent and mobile use. Supplied with a comprehensive manual, this is very much a plug and play product, so you can be up and running in a short space of time. Designed for LED CANS but can be used on any 4 DMX lights with up to 4 channels of control. When using this controller with 4 channel DMX RGB led lights, the DMX control channels must be in the following order: Channel 1:Red, 2:Green, 3:Blue, 4:Master/Dimmer. The configuration will be different for lights with fewer DMX channels. Please ask for advice from our technical sales staff, if you are unsure.
Features include: Controls 4 RGB LED fixtures • Up to 16 scenes can be stored • Up to 16 chases can be stored • A chase can contain up to 99 steps • 16 chases can contain a maximum of 392 steps in total • Chases can be run with adjustable speed • Chases can be run with adjustable fade • Chases can be run to the beat of the music • Strobe functions on scenes and chases.(Brand may vary, due to supply)

Power Supply: 12Vdc 500mA Min
Power Consumption: 20W
DMX Output: 3 pin XLR
Dimensions: 372 x 156 x 58mm
Weight: 1.74kg