4 Channel LED Foot Controller

Code: FOOT4
Availability: Expected Soon
  • Programmable Foot Controller
  • For RGBD LED Fixtures
  • Up To 4 Individual Fixtures
  • 12 Scenes
  • 12 Chases
  • Blackout Function
£88.00 inc VAT

A useful LED fixture foot controller for bands and solo singers who’s hands are tied so foot control is the only option. Suitable for 4 channel LED fixtures with the DMX layout RGBD, up to 4 fixtures can be independently controlled although more than 4 can be controlled as long as they are set to the same DMX address as the first 4 lights. The LED FOOT4 comes with no pre-set scenes or chases this allows the user to create their own to suit their own needs. Up to 12 scenes and 12 chases can be stored; once these are programmed there is speed, fade and sound control over all of them. Programming is done by using the 4 knobs on the top of the controller, once the programming is complete all controls are operated from one or a combination of the 5 foot switches.

Power Supply: 12Vdc 500mA
DMX Output: 3 Pin XLR
Dimensions: 360 x 183 x 84mm
Weight: 1.5Kg

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