Hill Audio RPD-2200 Compressor Limiter

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  • Dual Dynamics Processor with Link Switch for Stereo Operation
  • Expander/Gate Section with Interactive Ratio, Variable Threshold
  • Automatic Peak Limiting Section
  • Separate 12-Segment LED Meters for In/Out Levels and Gain Reduction
  • Balanced Inputs and Outputs with ¼” TRS and XLR Connectors
  • Full Metal Case with Detachable Rack Ears
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The RPD-2200 is dual dynamics processor which can operate as two independent single units or can be linked for stereo signal treatment. It covers all dynamic processing requirements in studio recording and live sound, from compression over noise reduction to peak limiting and even offers specialty processing such as de-essing, contour filtering of low frequencies, dynamic enhancement to counteract high frequency loss, and a “warmth” function to add extra harmonic sonic content to the signal.

To keep the use of the vast possibilities intuitive, some of the settings can be automated at the user’s choice, like the “auto-knee” function which offers program-adaptive compression to combine the advantages of hard and soft-knee compression, and the “auto-time” function which sets suitable attack and release times automatically. For further clarity, all signal levels and gain reductions are visually displayed by precise LED meters. Being fully analog, the RPD-2200 works on an impressive 20dB headroom which sets it far apart from anything a digital dynamics processor could do. A side chain with switchable monitoring function completes the feature set of this truly versatile all-in-one processor.

Unit Size: 1U
Dimensions: 483 × 45 × 162mm
Weight: 2.4Kg