4 Ceiling Speaker and Amplifier Kit

Code: PAA-027
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  • 100V Line System
  • 5.5" Ceiling Speakers
  • Suitable For Commercial Environments
  • Speaker Cable Included
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Suitable for many commercial environments, such as; shops, bars and office spaces. This PA kit can provide background music but also has the ability to make announcements. The kit includes 4 x 5.5” ceiling speakers, an amplifier and suitable cabling. The speakers are 100 volt line and can be daisy chained together, with one feeding back to the 100 volt line output on the amplifier. There are a multitude of inputs on the rear of the amplifier including microphone and audio inputs.

This product contains the following items..
4 x 5" 100 Volt Line Ceiling Loudspeaker
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Adastra CA30 Compact 100v Line Mixer A
1 x CA30 Compact 100v Line Mixer Amplifier
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Cobra 3.5mm Stereo Jack To Two Phono%2
1 x 3.5mm Stereo Jack To 2 X Phono RCA Lead 1.5m
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1 x Speaker Cable Rubber 0.75mm
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