Behringer MDX4600 Multicom PRO XL Compressor

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  • 4 Way compressor/limiter
  • Noise gate
  • Switchable dynamic enhancer
  • Low contour switch
  • Servo balanced inputs and outputs
  • Jack and XLR connectors
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A 4 channel compressor/limiter particularly useful for 2 way sound system applications. The Behringer MDX4600 allows 4 inputs to be compressed individually so left and right bass and high frequencies can be adjusted separately; this is particularly useful as high and low frequencies need to be compressed differently. There are control’s for all aspects of the compression characteristics, so threshold attack and knee positions can be easily changed. An enhancer is included, which will tweak the treble frequencies and a low contour switch activates a high pass filter in the side chain. You can also quickly switch between compressed and uncompressed, hardknee/softknee characteristics. A useful unit for sound systems and studio facilities that is packed with useful features.

Unit Size: 1U
Dimenions: 525 x 310 x 105
Weight: 2.39Kg