Behringer MDX2600 Composer PRO XL Compressor Limiter

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  • 2 Channel compressor/limiter
  • Intergrated de-esser
  • Clipper and peak limiting
  • Dynamic enhancer
  • Expander gate
  • Tube simulation
  • Side chain input
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The Behringer composer pro xl MDX2600 is not just a compressor it also has lots of other features built into its small 1U housing. This is a unit suitable for recording, mixing and mastering comprising of a de-esser that processes the high frequencies that normally create a hissing noise without degrading the overall sound like equalisers do. Sometimes when a signal is compressed it can dampen the overall sound, the enhancer in this unit will make up treble that is lost due to compression as long as those signals remain uncompressed. Authentic tube simulation simulates the warm tonal sounds of tubes. Interactive gain control is a combination of clipper and programme limiter, the clipper comes into play as soon as the signal exceeds the set threshold this will help to protect speakers from being overdriven. The autometric program limit comes into play if the signal threshold is exceeded for longer than a few seconds; this feature is useful for speaker protection and digital processing. Compressors sometimes create noise which is heard when no signal is present, normally an expander gate will fade out the noise during breaks in music. The interactive ratio control expander automatically changes the ratio settings depending on the music being played, so it will not cut off wanted low level signals. Other features include manually adjustable attack and release times, switchable filters to stop the pumping effect, side chain input, balanced xlr/jack inputs and outputs, relay controlled bypass and auto bypass for power failure.

Unit Size: 1U
Dimensions: 530 x 305 x 110
Weight: 2.29Kg