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Fresnel Stage Spots

LED Fresnel 75w RGBW Stage Light

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£240.00 inc VAT

LED Fresnel 50w Warm White Stage Light

Code: FRESWW01
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£210.00 inc VAT

RGB and Warm White 200 Watt LED Fresnel

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£396.00 inc VAT

LED Theatre Spot 100 Watt Warm White

Code: BT100EC
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£318.00 inc VAT

LED Fresnel Stage Light - Warm White

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£199.00 inc VAT

TZ 350 LED Zoom Fresnel RGBW

Code: ELTZ350
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£708.00 inc VAT

TZ250 LED Zoom Fresnel Warm White

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£649.00 inc VAT

LED Fresnel 120W Warm White Stage Light

Code: FRES120WW
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£384.00 inc VAT
Stage spotlights generally form the basis of a theatre or stage lighting system. The stage spotlights usually offer some way to control the light beam, so the beam width can be adjusted and focused on the target scene. Other spotlight options include beam shaping (Profile spotlights) and colour change with the use of colour lighting gels or glass.

Generally stage spotlights have 500, 1000 or 2000 watt lamp ratings and for most applications the 500 or 100 watt types will be adequate, but it may be necessary to include several 2000 watt types on a large stage, or if the theatre spotlights are a long way from the stage.

Many of the stage spotlights we sell will accept more than one type of lamp. A 500 watt stage spotlight will also accept a 650 watt lamp giving some extra control over spot brightness and in an emergency making it easier to find a replacement lamp.

Barn doors can be added to all the theatre and stage spotlights we sell and give some reduction in light spill, but are often just as useful in shielding light from the audience while giving the desired effect on stage.

Selecon spotlights have brought a new level of sophistication to what has traditionally been a rather basic product. You will now find a large range of Selecon products in our stage lighting range. The Selecon stage spotlights offer a beam angle that can be changed from 6-60 degrees, with soft edges, making it easy to blend with other lights and achieve a perfect set. Safety features include a power cut-off when the lamp cover is removed and an integrated safety support bond. We usually recommend these style theatre spotlights for schools where young people or inexperienced staff are servicing the lights.