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Conventional Par Cans

Par cans are among one of the most common lighting fixtures found in music venues, theatres and touring companies. They come in a wide range of different sizes suitable for different applications. This is what makes the par can such a versatile and popular fixture!

Par cans reference a number i.e PAR16, PAR56. The number is the diameter of the lamp in 8ths of an inch e.g. a PAR64 measures 8 inches across, and so on. Most Par cans are supplied without lamps so customers have a choice of beam spread when purchasing the lamps. In addition the lamps are often available in a range of wattages for example; The PAR64 Can, can be used with both 500w or 1000w PAR64 bulbs making each individual Par can very versatile for different applications (often a requirement with stage lighting). Smaller par cans be used to highlight displays or provide general lighting.

We supply a complete range of Par cans in both black and silver finish. The majority of cans we supply do not come with a mains plug so will require wiring by a skilled electrician. In addition some of fittings offered throughout this section will require a transformer due to low voltage lamps they use. If you require any assistance in relation to the installation or use of par cans please do not hesitate to contact our technical support or sales team.

LED par cans and stage lighting can offer many advantages over conventional styles shown in this category.