6U Wall Mounting Rack Cabinet 450mm

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  • 6U Wall Mounting Cabinet
  • Supplied Fully Assembled
  • Ideal for Housing Small Networks
  • Removable Sides
  • Cable Access Top & Bottom
  • Lockable Tempered Glass Front Door
  • Vents Top and Bottom
£136.00 inc VAT

A compact 19” 6U wall mountable rack ideal for installing audio equipment in to. This case is suitable for installations where floor space is limited or audio equipment needs to be at user height. Each cabinet is made from a welded steel frame and a vented front door border helps keep equipment cool. The front access door has a glass front so the equipment status can be seen and is also lockable to stop the misuse of equipment from anyone who is un-authorised. This wall mountable case can hold a maximum weight of 6Kg.

Max Equipment Depth: 450mm
Loading Capacity: 6Kg
Dimensions: 645 x 450 x 370mm
Weight: 14.5Kg